Return Fare Type Label in Response

 Return Fare Type Label in Response


Agents will be able to shop for Offers based on Fare type preference (Negotiated, Non-Negotiated, Leisure) by passing it in the AirShopping request. AirShopping will return Offers based on the Fare type requested, if available for the Agent. Agents will then make a booking by choosing an appropriate Fare returned in Offer.

Currently NDC doesn’t return Fare type description in AirShopping response to enable Agents to identify which Fare type has been returned. This new feature will enable AirShopping response to pass the Fare type label under each Offers so that an Agent is able to identify the type of Fare returned before making a booking.

With this new feature:

  • Agents will receive AirShopping response with Fare type mentioned in the Description under each OfferID.

How will this work?

AirShopping will return ‘FareType1’, ‘FareType2’, etc in the description under the Offers based on the different type of Offers returned. This is further defined in the disclosure list similar to the Baggage info. Please find below the reference mentioned.

FareType label under Offer:

FareType defined in DisclosureList:

URL Service URL

Samples for Return Fare Type Labels in Response