Ancillary Servicing

 OrderChange - Ancillary Servicing

VersionReason for ChangeRelease StatusPre-Live DateLive Date
0.3Error Handling Auto Cancelled Bookings (See Release Note)
0.2CardHolder Name Validation (See details for the release)
0.117.2 Servicing 


The OrderChange web service suite provides Travel Management Companies (TMC), Online Travel Agents (OTA) and Service Providers the ability:

  • Purchase ancillaries (seats, bags, and meals)
  • Add/delete bags
  • Add/update/delete seats
  • Add/update/delete special meals
  • Add/delete disability assistance

 OrderChange - Ancillary Servicing Webservice

This service allows changes to be made to an existing order (booking).  This service can only be used on existing bookings and may only be accessed by the agent who created the booking. If the agent went through a 3rd party provider to create the initial booking (GDS or service provider), it is also mandatory to go through this same provider in order to access the booking. If the above conditions are not met, the service will return an error and prevent access.

The service offers the following capability in Ancillary Servicing

  1. Book seats (an EMD is issued for a paid seat only) Change previously purchased seats with or without an additional price (existing EMDs may be reissued)
  2. Reserve free seats
  3. Reserve and pay for seats (paid seats)
  4. Reserve paid seats and pay later (hold paid seat)
  5. Change seat
  6. Cancel seat
  7. Purchase additional bags on a ticketed booking only (an EMD is issued once the bag purchase is successful)
  8. Cancel already purchased bags (the price paid will be refunded to the original form of payment)
  9. Book meals (an EMD is issued for a paid meal only)
  10. Change previously booked meal (only free meals can be changed. Paid meals cannot be changed)
  11. Cancel already booked meal
  12. Add disability assistance for passenger 
  13. Cancel disability assistance

Interface Design

This web service is called with the following inputs:

  • OrderID (Booking reference or PNR reference)
  • List of flight segments and for each flight segment the departure airport, arrival airport, carrier code, flight number and booking class (selling class)
  • Seat details
  • Bag details
  • Meal details
  • Special Meal details
  • Disability Assistance details
  • List of passengers and for each passenger
    • Name details (surname, first name etc)
    • Email address
  • Payment details (Card or Cash)

The output data this service returns includes:

  • OrderID (Booking reference or PNR reference)
  • Passenger details
  • Flight details
  • Seat details
  • Bag details
  • FQTV details
  • APIS details
  • Meal details
  • Disability Assistance details
  • Personal and Emergency Contact details
  • Payment Time Limit (Ticket Time Limit), if applicable
  • A link to manage my booking
  • A link to disclosure for special meals
  • A link to disclosure for disability assistance
  • A link to BA seating policy and terms and conditions
  • Total price charged from each forms of payments (Card or Cash) where applicable
  • eTicket details with passenger association
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) details with passenger association
  • Payment options – returned (as Error) only when the payment card passed in the OrderChangeRQ is not applicable, so payment option is returned with the list of applicable payment cards based on the customer’s billing country and agent’s location (point of sale). Payment options return the following
    • List of applicable payment cards with surcharge, if applicable
    • Mandatory and optional card details that should be provided when making a payment
    • Mandatory and optional billing address details that should be passed when making a payment
  • Fare rules for the itinerary
  • Total Baggage Allowance

 Mandatory Headers

If you have PRE-LIVE access for 16.1, then you will automatically be able to build to 17.2 using the PRE-LIVE environment.

In order to access our API, you will need to pass the following two headers for each call.

 Web Service URLs

 General Usage Guidelines

The OrderChange service - Ancillary Servicing