ServiceList - Post Sale


 ServiceList - Post Sale

VersionReason for ChangeRelease StatusPre-Live DateLive Date
0.5Error Handling Auto Cancelled Bookings (See Release NotePLANNED
0.117.2 Servicing 


This service provides IATA Accredited Travel Agents, new retailers and Service Providers the ability to know the services (paid and free) applicable to the order. It returns a list of all applicable ancillary, mobility and special needs services along with the price for all flights in the booking.

 AirShopping Webservice

Interface Design

This web service is called with the following inputs:

  • OrderID (Booking reference or PNR reference)

The output data this service returns include:

  • List of applicable services and for each service
    • Service name
    • Price
    • Passenger association
    • Flight association
    • Maximum quantity
  • Passenger details
  • Flight details
  • Origin and destination details
  • ServiceDefinitionList
  • Payment options
    • List of applicable payment cards with surcharge, if applicable
    • Mandatory payment card details that should be specified when making a payment
    • Mandatory billing address details that should be specified when making a payment

 Mandatory Headers

If you have PRE-LIVE access for 16.1, then you will automatically be able to build to 17.2 using the PRE-LIVE environment.

In order to access our API, you will need to pass the following two headers for each call.

 Web Service URLs

 General Usage Guidelines


The ServiceList Service: