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 OrderReshop - Change Booking - Reprice

VersionReason for ChangeRelease StatusPre-Live DateLive Date
0.2Error Handling Auto Cancelled Bookings (See Release NotePLANNED
0.117.2 Servicing - Change Booking - Reprice  (See details for the release 


The OrderReshop Webservice provides IATA Accredited Travel Agents, new retailers, and Service Providers the ability to change/upgrade their ticketed booking created via BA NDC channel.

 OrderReshop Webservice

Clients can call OrderReshop for a confirmed booking to reprice the new itinerary to get detailed fare and tax along with the complete new tax break down and new fare rules.

This service can only be used on existing bookings made using the Shop and Order APIs, and may only be accessed by the agent who created the booking. If the agent went through a 3rd party provider to create the initial booking (GDS or service provider), it is also mandatory to go through this same provider in order to access the booking. If the above conditions are not met, the service will return an error and prevent access.

This service is called to Reprice the new itinerary. The client can choose the offer returned in OrderReshop(Reshop) and pass the details to OrderReshop(Reprice) to reprice the offer. The final call should be made to OrderChange (Confirm Change Booking) API with the selected offer to confirm the change/upgrade.

Interface Design

This web service is called with the following inputs:

  • OrderID (Booking reference or PNR reference)
  • OfferItemID – All the OfferItemID from OrderReshop(Reshop) response for the Offer customer want to reprice the itinerary.
  • Passenger Details- GivenName and Surname of all the passenger present in the booking.

The output data this service returns include:

  • OrderReshop(Reprice) will return the repriced offer along with the ReshopDifferential for the offer (new itinerary) passed by the client.
  • Reprice Offer will contain the following:
      • Offer expiry time limit – the time by which offer will remain in the offer storage system to be used by the client to confirm the change (OrderChange)
      • Price Guarantee time limit – the time by which BA is going to honour the price if confirm change(OrderChange) is requested.
      • Total additional collection price/ refund for all the passengers in the booking
      • Total additional collection price/ refund for all the passengers within the same passenger type (PTC)
      • Flight reference for each Origin Destination
      • Total addition collection/refund price per passenger type
      • Additional collection/refund base amount per passenger type
      • Additional collection/refund tax along with breakdown per passenger type
      • Change/Upgrade penalty fee per passenger type
      • Price class reference and Flight Segment references for each Origin Destination
      • Fare Rules for each OriginDestination in the offer
      • ReshopDifferential
        1. Total OriginalOrder price with total tax for all the passenger within passenger type
        2. Total NewOffer price with total tax and breakdown for all the passenger within passenger type
        3. The penalty for all the passenger within passenger type
        4. Reshop Due for all passenger within passenger type
      • Baggage Allowance applicable per passenger

  • Passenger details
  • Baggage Allowance
  • FareList
  • Flight segment details
  • Flight list
  • Origin and destination list
  • Fare Rules under PenaltyList
  • PriceClass List

 Mandatory Headers

If you have PRE-LIVE access for 16.1, then you will automatically be able to build to 17.2 using the PRE-LIVE environment.

In order to access our API, you will need to pass the following two headers for each call.

 Web Service URLs

 General Usage Guidelines

The OrderReshop Service