Confirm Held Booking

 OrderChange - Confirm Held Booking Overview

VersionReason for ChangeRelease StatusPre-Live DateLive Date
0.5Accepting e-voucher as FOP to confirm Held bookingTBCTBC

Agents/corporates who have full fare guarantee will be able to confirm the bookings they held without any error. See Release Note

0.3CardHolder Name Validation See Release Note
0.2Booking can be created with or without the title for payer for card payment.  
0.1Short Sell  


The OrderChange-Confirm Held Booking Webservice provides IATA Accredited Travel Agents etc, new retailers and Service Providers the ability to pay for the held booking as per IATA NDC schema standards.

The service accepts payment (card or cash aka BSP settlement or e-voucher) and issues eTickets and EMD.

 OrderChange - Confirm Held Booking Webservice

This service is used to pay and confirm the booking that has already been held. The service accepts the payment and issues eTickets and EMD for all passengers in the held booking. Once the eTickets and EMDs are successfully issued the service returns both eTicket and EMD details in the response.

Interface Design

This web service is called with the following inputs:

  1. OrderID (Booking reference or PNR reference)
  2. ResponseID returned in the preceding OrderReshopRS
  3. Payment details. Acceptable form of payments are as follows: 
    1. Cash (BSP Settlement)
    2. Card
    3. E-Voucher
    4. E-Voucher + Card
    5. E-Voucher + Cash
  4. Payer details

The output data this service returns include:

  1. Booking reference (PNR)
  2. Passenger details
    • Passenger Type Code (PTC)
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Middle name
    • Title
    • Date of birth, if it is present in the booking
    • FQTV details, if it is present in the booking
    • On Business details
    • Gender, if it is present in the booking 
    • Immigration details 
    • Contact detail
      • Phone contact along with country code/ area code 
      • Address contact including country code
  3. Total Order Price – This is the sum of fare and tax for all passengers in the booking along with seat price for all passengers in the booking.
  4. Return tax breakdown along with nature code and description.
  5. For hold booking price for the itinerary (base fare, tax, and total price) per passenger.
  6. Seat price (for a free seat it should be 0) along with seat details per passenger per flight segment.
  7. Stop locations along with stop quantity.
  8. Flight segment details.
  9. Flight list along with associated flight segment references.
  10. Origin and destination list.
  11. eTicket details per passenger.
  12. EMD details per passenger.
  13. Manage my booking link
  14. Seating policy link, if passengers have purchased seats
  15. Seating terms and conditions link if passengers have purchased seats
  16. Warning message if seat purchase failed i.e create a booking without seats.
  17. Payment information with masked payment card details.
  18. Payer’s contact details, if payer is not a passenger.
  19. Error message along with the list of applicable payment cards if
    • If the requested card is not applicable to the customer’s billing country and agent location
    • If the requested card surcharge does match
  20. In case e-voucher has balance after paying for the flights for all passengers, new voucher is issued with the balance amount and the EMD details are returned back in the response 

 Mandatory Headers

If you have PRE-LIVE access for 16.1, then you will automatically be able to build to 17.2 using the PRE-LIVE environment.

In order to access our API, you will need to pass the following two headers for each call.

 Web Service URLs

 General Usage Guidelines

The OrderChange - Confirm Held Booking Service


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