VersionReason for ChangeRelease StatusPre-Live DateLive Date
0.2FQTV Update to OrderReshop API - To enrich the passenger list data with FQTV information (if it is applicable) within OrderReshop API.  

 Data Model





List of all passengers to whom the shopping response is returned.


Any person except members of the crew carried or to be carried with the consent of the carrier, on board of any transport vehicle such as aircraft, train, bus, ship. This will be repeated for each passenger.M
PassengerID (Attribute)

Unique reference Key

Example: SH1 or P1 

The client can pass any unique reference in requests. In Response, the system will return the same reference as used by clients while sending the request 


Type code applying to the Passenger which typically drives pricing

Example: ADT, CHD etc.


If providing passenger Birthdate without passenger name, Specify Birthdate here.
Otherwise, specify under individual details along with the name. 

Date of birth in “YYYY-MM-DD” format

Example: 2002-01-01

Should be used in AirShoppingRQ & OfferPriceRQ to specify the birth date in the case of a young adult.

A single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.O

Date of birth in “YYYY-MM-DD” format

Example: 2002-01-01

In Ordercreate, Date Of Birth must always be provided for infant passenger. It must also be provided for all passengers for an APIS route. Even if it’s not an APIS route, it is recommended to provide passenger’s DOB, as it will be used to identify if the passenger is a young adult.

Gender of the individual (Male, Female).O

Individual's name title.

Possible values: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mstr, Capt, Prof, Dr, Dame, Lady, Lord, The Rt Hon, Rabbi, Rev, Sir, Baroness, Baron, Viscount, and Viscountess.

Maximum length restriction is 50 characters.


Passenger name details

Example: JOHN.

Maximum length restriction is 50 characters.


Individual's family name, last name.

Example: SMITH.

Maximum length restriction is 50 characters.


Specify passenger’s frequent flyer information AVIOS, OnBusiness and BusinessExtra numbers are accepted in this section.

FQTV Test Cards are available here

An enterprise operating aircraft for commercial purposesO[Choice]

Frequent flyer airline code

Example: BA
Non-airline loyalty program provider nameO[Choice]

Should be populated for 'On Business' or 'Business Extra' cases

Example: On Business


Loyalty Program account number.

Example: ABC123456


Loyalty Program tier code

Example: GOLD

Note: This is applicable only for refund quote operation of OrderReshop API

FQTV Test Cards are available here


Any document which may be used to identify a person or verify aspects of a person's personal identity.


Uniquely identifies the document from all other identity documents issued by the state or organization. 

Example: Passport number, drive license number.


The type of passenger document.

Example: PT (Passport), 709 (National ID card) and AEA (Passenger's Redress Number)


Issuing country code of the identity document.

Example: GBR, and FRA (Three-digit country code)


Citizenship Country Code.

Example: GBR and FRA (Three-digit country code)


Residence Country Code.

Example: GBR and FRA (Three-digit country code)

The date the identity document expires.O
An official entry in a Passport or other Travel Document made by an official of a government to indicate that the bearer has been granted authority to enter or re-enter the country or region concerned.O

Visa ID value.

Example: NY122345.


The type of visa.

Example:  VI (If visa details are given), GC (If Green Card (US) details are given)

Reference to Contact Information, within the context of one message.O

In OrderCreate, this element is used to associate an infant (not requiring a seat) to an adult. Specify the infant passenger’s ObjectKey

Example: INF1

Where INF1 is infant passenger’s ObjectKey

In OrderCreate, it must be passed if the request includes INF passenger, as the service needs to know which infant is associated with which adult