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VersionReason for ChangeRelease StatusPre-Live DateLive Date
0.5Error Handling Auto Cancelled Bookings (See Release Note
0.4Cabin Name Change (See Release Note) This will be released as a soft release. We will notify you about our Sandbox testing environment for this feature. Relative updates in PriceListClass, DisclosureList, FlightSegmentList and SeatAvailabilityRS.  
0.317.2 Post-Sale Servicing

0.2Long Sell
0.1Short Sell  


The SeatAvailability Webservice provides IATA Accredited Travel Agents, new retailers, and Service Providers the ability to retrieve seat map for one or more flight segments as per IATA NDC schema standards.

The Seat Availability API:

  • Returns the information required to build a priced seat map, including seat numbers, prices, exit rows and galley for your requested cabin.
  • Is stateless but can be called in prime or post-sale.

 SeatAvailability Webservice

This service returns priced seat map for one or more flights requested. The service returns one seat map per flight and return only seats that are unoccupied along with seat display details such as the column details, row start and end position, seat and non-seat characteristics. This service can be called during initial booking flow [OR] after the booking is created to return priced seat map.

Interface Design

 Mandatory Headers

In order to access our API, you will need to pass the following two headers for each call

 Web Service URLs

 General Usage Guidelines

The SeatAvailability Service