IAG Portal Release Notes 13-01-21

NDC API 14-01-21


Disruption Support

Effective Date:


Portals affected:
TAP (Leisure Portal)
From the 12th of January, disruption support will be available on the IAG Booking Portal for British Airways. With this self-service capability in place you will be able to resolve your disrupted bookings in minutes, alleviating the need to use the refund webform or calling NDC Trade Support.
You will be able to receive notifications for all your disrupted Portal NDC bookings (Non-portal bookings to be available early April 2021). You will then be able to fully manage the follow up actions for these bookings in the following ways:
  • View changes
  • Accept changes
  • Cancel and Rebook
  • Cancel and Refund
  • Cancel for a Voucher
The full list of scenarios can be found here. If a particular scenario is not supported, you will be directed to call the Contact Centre.
There are a few caveats which will be fixed with time. These are as follows: 
  • Disruption support is limited to the leisure portal (agencyportal.iag.cloud)
  • Disrupted segments that re-accommodate onto more than one new segment are not displayed properly
  • Cancel for a Voucher may have some issues
  • Notifications for external bookings is still being set up
  • Servicing a booking that was disrupted prior to this release does not work. This will be resolved early April.
  • Non-portal disrupted bookings cannot be serviced. This will be resolved early April.
If you do not currently have access to the IAG Booking Portal, the registration page can be found here.
Critical Impact
Portal release version
2.18.0-rc37 - r33.0