Release Notes 16-12-20

NDC API 16-12-20

TMC and Corporate Shopping enhancement - AirShopping response

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API Affected:
17.2 AirShopping (For Technical document for this feature click here)
New features

Corporates with a contract with British Airways have their own JBID and corporate fares allocated. When shopping via a TMC, if a TMC sends an AirShopping request with a JBID and preferences negotiated fares, British Airways NDC will return the corporate fares allocated to the corporate. Most TMCs have Net fares filed under their own deal which they can sell to corporates. As of today, a TMC can only shop and display their own net fares if a JBID is not present in the request. In this case the booking would not count towards any corporate deal.

This new feature will enable TMC to sell their own Fares to corporates even when a JBID is present in the request. We are introducing a new Fare code (70G) for corporates to shop for Corporate fare either via TMC or directly. So when a Fare code of 70G is present along with the JBID in the request, Airshopping will return the Corporate fares filed for the corporate else when the Fare code is 758 and JBID is present in the request, AirShopping will return the TMC fares filed for the TMC agent if available. This will provide flexibility for TMCs to sell either Published fares, Corporate Net fares or TMC Net fares and to track it against the corporate deal when JBID is present in the booking




TMC Net fares and Corporate fares cannot be requested together in the same AirShopping request

Click here For the technical documentation for this feature 

Critical Impact:

MEDIUM - As well as LIVE, this will also be available through our Sandbox environment.

Batch Release IT Ref:

 AWS release on 15-Dec (Tentative)