Release Note 04-11-20

NDC API 04-11-20

Return Fare Rules in AirShopping response

Effective Date:


API Affected:
17.2 AirShopping
New features

NDC agents will be able to shop for Fares based on Fare Flexibility (Restricted, Flexible, Semi-Flexible) by passing the appropriate Fare Preference code (759/754/758/70J) in the AirShopping request. AirShopping will return Offers based on the Fare Preference requested, if available for the agent. Agents will then make a booking by choosing an appropriate Offer.

Currently NDC doesn’t return Fare Rules in AirShopping response and the agents will not know the Cancellation or Change Fee for the Fares returned. This new feature will enable Fare Rules (Change and Cancellation Fee) to be returned in AirShopping response, which will help agents to identify the Cancellation and Change fee for the Fares returned before making a booking. To receive Fare Rules in AirShopping Response an Agent needs to pass the Fare Preference code (722) along with the required Fare code (759/754/758/70J) in the Request.


The response will contain the Fare Rules referenced in Fare component of each offer and defined under DataList (Penalties)


Referenced under FareDetail of each Offer:

Defined under the Penalty section of DataList

Critical Impact:

MEDIUM - As well as LIVE, this will also be available through our Sandbox environment.

Batch Release IT Ref:

 AWS release on 27-Nov (Tentative)