Release Note 14-07-20

NDC API 14-07-20

Book with Confidence

Voucher Redemption

 Effective Date:
 APIs Affected
New Feature

As part of BA’s Book with confidence policy, agents can now redeem the e-voucher towards their future travel to any destination.

As part of this capability, we have enhanced the OrderCreate 17.2 API (includes both long sell and short-sell), which now accepts e-voucher as a valid form of payment for flights. There can be two high-level possibilities as mentioned below:

  • If the e-voucher value is greater than the flight price, agents can pay the total flight price using the e-voucher and for the remaining balance, a new e-voucher will be created for future use.
  • If the e-voucher value is less than the flight price, agents must use the full value of the e-voucher and balance can be paid using cash/card.

Note: E-vouchers can be redeemed only for flights, any ancillaries must be purchased using cash/card.

 Critical Impact

LOW - This will not impact any breaking change to the consumption of British Airways NDC APIs

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