2. Conversion to eVoucher

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 Conversion from Future Travel Voucher to eVoucher

What is the process for this?

As of now, only eVouchers can be redeemed in the NDC APIs therefore all Future Travel Vouchers must be converted. This will be managed via an automated backend process. An email confirmation will be sent to the agent email address for IATA agent bookings or to the payer email address for non-IATA agent bookings, following the successful conversion of a Future Travel Voucher into an eVoucher.

We will be taking a phased approach to the conversion of Future Travel Voucher to eVoucher, starting with the following types of bookings.


A confirmation email will be sent following a successful conversion. No agent action required.

Converting Future Travel Vouchers to eVoucher in Pre-live

This manual process must happen because the conversion is not automatic in Pre-live, therefore you would be unable to test the end-to-end redemption flow for Issuance > Conversion > Redemption when you are building against pre-live. It’s important to note that for the Live voucher process this step is not required.

The Future Travel Voucher must be converted into an eVoucher. In Live this is done automatically, however, the functionality in Pre-live does not exist to allow this. This means that you must convert Future Travel Vouchers to eVoucher for agents, to enable the complete end-to-end development.

Step by Step Conversion Process

In order for the conversion to work successfully you must create a booking matching the following criteria:

  • 1 Passenger

  • Fully un-flown booking

  • Published Fare

  • No ancillaries

  • No held booking

Please be aware that if you create a more complex booking, the conversion tool will not be able to process the conversion and will fail.

The Agent:
  1. Creates a booking in Pre-live using the parameters outlined above.

  2. Uses OrderCancel to cancel the booking by adding the parameter reason: BWC

  3. Raises a Helpdesk ticket, providing the following details:

    Type: Technical questions

    Company Name: [Company name]

    Subject: Convert Future Travel Voucher to eVoucher in Pre-live

    API Service Name: OrderCancel

    Version: 17.2 pre-live

    Details: Agent must provide the PNRs to be converted as a .txt file in the ticket attachment, the format for the file is below.

    Important note: The maximum number of PNRs that can be submitted is 20 per .txt file.

  4. Save the .txt in a folder NDC Voucher Conversions > PNR files > [Date][Agent] PNRs

  5. Receives a response from the Helpdesk with an attached eVoucher PDF to the open JIRA ticket
  6. Will then be able to redeem the eVoucher in their OrderCreate request

What needs to be updated for this capability?

No development is needed for the feature.