3. eVoucher Redemption

 Book with Confidence

 Ability to redeem an eVoucher for future travel


As part of British Airways Book With Confidence policy, customers have the option to request a credit voucher, which can then be used as part payment towards a future booking to any destination. Within the NDC APIs, you can now redeem an eVoucher to be used as payment for a future booking.

Currently, this is an offline process whereby agents would either have to contact British Airways NDC Trade Support or request a credit voucher redemption via the Credit Voucher Redemption Webform.

Eligibility for eVoucher redemption

  1. For eligibility policy information please click here
  2. eVoucher issued for IATA booking can only be redeemed by the same IATA agent.
  3. eVoucher issued for non-IATA booking can be redeemed by any agent.
  4. eVoucher currency and the offer currency should always match.
  5. Only one eVoucher can be redeemed in a single OrderCreate request.

Ancillaries behaviour for eVoucher redemption

At the moment, prime-sale paid ancillaries cannot be purchased using an eVoucher, hence if the booking has prime-sale paid ancillaries then a separate cash/card payment is expected for ancillaries along with eVoucher payment for flights in the OrderCreate request.

In Scope

  • 1 eVoucher for multiple passengers in one booking
  • Instant purchase
  • Additional collection if ticket price > eVoucher value
  • New residual value voucher if eVoucher value < ticket price
  • All NDC flights and fare products
  • One way, return, open jaw and multi-city bookings
  • Ancillaries must be paid for by cash or card

Web Service URL

API Flow

Agents should be able to use the existing selling flow to redeem an eVoucher

             AirShopping                   OfferPrice              OrderRetrieve V1 OR V2 (See Below)    OrderCreate V1 OR V2

The eVouchers are redeemed in the OrderCreate API, this process is the same in both Live and Pre-Live.

The agent will use the eVouchers provided when they make an OrderCreate request. The agent must satisfy a number of parameters in the payment method of their OrderCreate request, available to view here:OrderCreate RQ

Process in Live:

Process in Pre-live:

Which specifications have been updated for this capability?

You will need to refer to the following pages which include all the elements needed to implement this capability.

(You can use either V1 OR V2)

As part of this capability, we have enhanced the OrderRetrieve 17.2 API, which now returns eVoucher and residual eVouchers within the TicketDocumentInfo section along with voucher owner email address reference.

OrderRetrieve Overview

OrderRetrieve → OrderView RS

OrderRetrieve - Samples

(You can use either V1 OR V2)

As part of this capability, we have enhanced the OrderCreate 17.2 API (includes both long sell and short-sell), which now returns eVoucher owner email address with the TicketDocumentInfo section. This is now also capable of retrieving bookings for which eVouchers are issuedOrderCreate OverviewOrderCreate RQ

OrderCreate → OrderView RS 

OrderCreate - Samples

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