Release Note 07-07-20

NDC API 07-07-20

New Feature Capability

Automated Refunds

 Effective Date:
 APIs Affected

OrderRetrieve - Time to upgrade to version 2

If you have not already, please take this opportunity to upgrade to OrderRetrieveV2. This version can identify and return seller follow-up actions for disruptions.
You can follow our technical specification pages here.

New Feature

When British Airways involuntarily changes a booking, the customer maybe entitled to a full refund. Previously, any refund requests for eligible disrupted bookings could only be processed via an offline process; either by calling British Airways Trade Support or by completing an online webform. With these offline processes, agents would not receive an instant confirmation, and may have faced some time delays for receiving confirmation of their refund request being processed by British Airways. We have now built capability within the NDC APIs to process refunds for disrupted bookings.


  1. Agents will be able to get instant confirmation of their refund requests being processed by British Airways.
  2. Agent will not need to fill out the webform to contact British Airways Trade support for refunds

The objective of this requirement is to automatically process refund requests for an eligible disrupted booking.

Request/Response interface:
There are no changes to the request/response xml structure that the agent currently uses for cancellation of a non-disrupted booking.

Out of scope:

For any 'out of scope' bookings, these can still be requested for refunds via the APIs, however, these will be queued for manual processing and therefore instant confirmation of processing will not be received. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once these ‘out of scope’ requests have been reviewed.

For any of the following seven scenarios, the following message will be displayed "Your request will be processed manually".

XML code snippet
<Warning ShortText="Unable to process refund - process manually" Code="30">Your request will be processed manually</Warning>

Bookings which fall under the below criteria will be queued for manual refunds:

  1. If booking/ancillaries are purchased using card payment and the expiry date of the card is in the past.
  2. If booking/ancillaries has more than one form of payment.
  3. If at least one of the tickets/EMDs within the booking is reissued.
  4. If booking has at least one flown segment.
  5. If booking has more than one ticket per passenger due to reissued segments (E.g. Part flown reissue).
  6. If booking is created using negotiated fare (this rule is applicable only when agent attempts to cancel a disrupted booking via
  7. If all segments in a held and confirmed booking is disrupted without any alternative

For any 'out of scope' bookings, these can still be requested for refunds via the APIs, however, these will be queued for manual processing.

There are plans to address the out of scope items as above. We will inform you once we have planned this into our NDC Roadmap.

All bookings which do not fall under the above criteria will be processed for refund instantly (for any refunds back to an agent’s BSP/ARC, these will follow timescales in line with the agent’s settlement plan)


Please do not resubmit refund requests through the APIs, for PNRs which have originally been submitted through the online webform

Known Issues and Problems:

There is a known issue where OrderReshop response for refund quote of a disrupted booking will return the tax code instead of tax description in a few scenarios under the following xpath of response.


This will be fixed in future and we will notify you in our NDC Roadmap.

 Critical Impact

LOW - This will not impact any breaking change to the consumption of British Airways NDC APIs

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