Book with Confidence

 Book with Confidence


We fully understand that many of our joint customers may want to change their travel plans given the evolving situation, so we have put a number of measures in place so that they can Book With Confidence with British Airways. Customers whose flights are still operating are able to make the most of this flexible policy.

This policy is applicable to all customers which include Trade Partners and Corporate customers.


As part of British Airways Book With Confidence policy, customers have the option to request a credit voucher, which can then be used as part payment towards a future booking to any destination.

Currently, this is an offline process whereby agents would either have to contact British Airways NDC Trade Support or request a credit voucher issuance via the Credit Voucher Issuance Webform.

British Airways’ Book With Confidence policy offers Agents many flexibility options such as:

  • Date change – live capability
  • Route changes – available through credit voucher redemption
  • A waiver of change fee – live capability

With this new feature:

This new feature will enable agents to issue a credit voucher and to use this credit voucher as a form of payment when making a new booking via the APIs.

Interface design

 Customer Experience End to End Flow

     Issue Future Travel Voucher                                      Conversion to eVoucher                                       eVoucher Redemption

 Step One - Issue Voucher

 Step One - Issue Future Travel Voucher

Agents should be able to use the existing cancel and refund flow to request the Future Travel Voucher.

                OrderReshop                         OrderCancel

Click here for the Technical Specification

 Step Two - Conversion from Future Travel Voucher to eVoucher

Once you have issued a Future Travel Voucher, behind the scenes, British Airways will convert the Future Travel Voucher into an eVoucher, using a phased approach, starting from 30th July, 2020. Once British Airways has converted the Future Travel Voucher into an eVoucher, an e-mail will be sent to the Agent’s e-mail address. eVouchers can then be redeemed as credit for a new booking within the NDC APIs.

Click here for the Technical Specification

 Step Three - eVoucher Redemption

Once ready to redeem the eVoucher as a form of payment for a new booking, you should be able to use the existing selling flow to action this.

             AirShopping                   OfferPrice              OrderRetrieve V1 OR V2 (See Below)    OrderCreate V1 OR V2

Click here for the Technical Specification