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 Sublive Disruption Manager Overview


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Disruption Handling - Disruption Agent Test Tool (See Release Notes)



Sublive Disruption Manager (ndc-sdm) provides Travel Agents the ability to disrupt the bookings they have created in order to receive the OCN.  BA will send the OrderChangeNotif message to Travel Agents/Service Providers who have subscribed to receive these messages.

NDC to provide a new API for any agent who wish to test the end to end disruption process - by disrupting the orders they have created, re-accommodating passengers and receiving order change notifications.  Agents can access the API via Sandbox or their own tool to carry out testing of NDC API's.  This requirement extends the features available in the NDC Booking tool to include:

  • Disrupt the Orders, they have created - Re-accommodating a customer to a different flight

 NDC-SDM Webservice

Interface Design

 Web Service URLs

 Frequently Asked Questions

There is a mixture of Json and xsd/ xml so in what format should messages be sent?

This is a rest service and the request should be posted in JSON format

What http headers are required?

Client_Key would be  required in the headers

Do I post the json party object in the body and the booking reference in the query string ? 

Yes  bookingreference should be passed in the query string and PartyTag in the body in the specified format shared earlier and not in IATA schema format (See the sample Request & Response tested via soap ui in e2e).

 General Usage Guidelines