Release Note 05-12-19

NDC API 05-12-2019

Involuntary Servicing

Disruption Handling

 Effective Date:
 APIs Affected:

17.2 OrderRetrieve and 17.2 OrderChange 

New Feature

OrderRetrieve 17.2 – Version 2

The new capability has been added to OrderRetrieve 17.2 (Version 2) to return disruption related information (see in scope disruption events) if the requested booking is affected, and action is required.

The service will show a Disruption Indicator plus return the follow up actions available free of charge to the agent to handle the disrupted booking. These actions include:

ACCEPT – This action will be returned if BA has rebooked the passenger to an alternative flight. This is the option to ACCEPT the change by using OrderChange 17.2.

RESHOP – This action provides the option to Reshop for other available flights instead of accepting the change presented.

CANCEL – This action provides the option to cancel their booking free of charge and request a refund.

Call Airline – This action will be returned if BA NDC cannot support any follow-up action online to handle the change. Instead, services such scenarios can be done  by calling BA Contact Centre.

In Scope disruption events:

  • Operational Cancellation without alternative flight
  • Operational Cancellation with alternative flight
  • Planned Cancellation without alternative flight

Not Supported:

  • Any Schedule Change
  • Planned Cancellation with alternative

OrderChange17.2 – To ACCEPT the change by Airline

The OrderChange17.2 (Version 1 or 2) has been provided with a feature to allow the Travel Seller to pass the acceptance if they are happy with the alternate flight provided by airline in case of disruption.

 Critical Impact:

LOW - This change will not be a breaking change to the consumers of the British Airways NDC APIs

 Batch Release: