NDC Booking Tool - Instructions

How to use the NDC Booking Tool



Click on the wheel settings icon – Sender Credentials (highlighted in red on the image to the right)


Fill in using the following credentials:

  • API URL: https://test.api.ba.com/selling-distribution/


To avoid retyping this information every time you use the NDC Booking Tool, you can save the sender details.

Below the Sender form, you will see a 'Save Sender Details' section. (See image on right).

Type a name for your sender details and then click Save.

You can now test your credentials are saved by selecting them from the dropdown below the textbox and clicking Load.


Click to exit out of the Sender Credentials window, and you will return to the NDC Booking Tool.


You can use City or Airport Codes (See Airport Code list for reference)


The “Logs” section will give British Airways access to XML messages of your requests.