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 AWS release on 15-Dec (Tentative)

Corporates with a contract with British Airways have their own JBID and corporate fares allocated. When shopping via a TMC, if a TMC sends an AirShopping request with a JBID and preferences negotiated fares, British Airways NDC will return the corporate fares allocated to the corporate. Most TMCs have Net fares filed under their own deal which they can sell to corporates. As of today, a TMC can only shop and display their own net fares if a JBID is not present in the request. In this case the booking would not count towards any corporate deal.

This new feature will enable TMC to sell their own Fares to corporates even when a JBID is present in the request. We are introducing a new Fare code (70G) for corporates to shop for Corporate fare either via TMC or directly. So when a Fare code of 70G is present along with the JBID in the request, Airshopping will return the Corporate fares filed for the corporate else when the Fare code is 758 and JBID is present in the request, AirShopping will return the TMC fares filed for the TMC agent if available. This will provide flexibility for TMCs to sell either Published fares, Corporate Net fares or TMC Net fares and to track it against the corporate deal when JBID is present in the booking


TMC and Corporate Shopping enhancement - AirShopping response

NDC Automated Refunds

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MEDIUM - As well as LIVE, this will also be available through our Sandbox environment.

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27 Nov  




For testing purposes

For testing purposes, this feature is available via our Sandbox environment. If you would like access to this environment please fill in the form here

API Affected:
17.2 AirShopping (For Technical document for this feature click here)
New features
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TMC Net fares and Corporate fares cannot be requested together in the same AirShopping request

Click here For the technical documentation for this feature 


New features

When British Airways involuntary changes a booking, the customer is entitled for a full refund. NDC has recently implemented a capability which allows agents to request refund for a disrupted booking and the refund request will be processed instantaneously and the amount will be refunded to the original form of payment.

However, the auto refund capability could not handle bookings if the agent submits the refund request where the disrupted flight segment is in the past although eTicket coupon is still "Open" or in "Airport Control". These bookings are currently being rejected causing agents to call contact centres to process the refund.

The objective of this feature is to process refund requests instantly for a disrupted booking where one or more flight segments in the booking are in the past and eTicket coupon status for the first coupon is either "Open" or "Airport Control"

Post the implementation of this feature,

  • Agents will be able to get instant confirmation for refunds and to advise their customers even if they submit refund requests for disrupted flight segments that are in the past
  • Agent won’t need to fill out any web form and doesn’t need to contact British Airways Trade support for refunds
  • Reduces the agent’s dependency on call centres

Critical Impact:LOW - This will not impact any breaking change to the consumption of British Airways NDC APIsBatch Release IT Ref:COM9-50